Discover the power of green energy with solar panels, heat pumps and more from our team at Cotswold Energy Group.

What are renewables?

Renewables means anything which produces or runs off renewable energy rather than fossil fuels. The UK government has set targets for a renewable future, moving from gas boilers to heat pumps by 2035 and encouraging household solar panel installations. We offer solar panels and heat pumps through our team at Cotswold Energy Group.

How do renewables work?

Solar panels are mounted on your roof and accumulate energy from sunlight, which is stored in batteries. This energy can cover your electricity and heating usage, providing you with huge long-term cost savings, and surplus power can be sold back to the grid for an additional profit.

Heat pumps work like a reverse refrigerator, taking in air from outside your home and extracting heat from it to pump into the property. A heat pump is a very energy-efficient form of heating, being around three times more efficient than a standard boiler.

How can my home benefit from renewables?

Save on your energy bills:

Enjoy significant long-term savings with your own electricity supply which can cover your heating and energy needs.

Powerful and reliable heating:

Heat pumps excel at filling areas traditionally considered difficult to heat, with maximum energy efficiency.

Future-proof your property:

Ensure you’re adequately prepared for the UK’s move towards net zero by investing in energy efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

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The government’s £7,500 Boiler Upgrade Scheme funding (BUS) is making heat pumps more affordable than ever. Find out if you’re eligible.

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Discover the power of green energy with solar panels, heat pumps and more from our team at Cotswold Energy Group.
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