Insulation Extraction

Not all insulation is created equal. We can remove old or ineffective cavity wall insulation from your property.

What is insulation extraction?

If you’ve had cavity wall insulation installed in the past, but your home is experiencing heat loss or damp problems, you may need to have the insulation replaced. There are a number of reasons this can happen: improper installation, poor quality material, or water damage due to a poorly maintained property. Whatever the cause, we can extract this old insulation from your wall cavity and replace it with our own cavity wall insulation – or alternatively, internal wall insulation or external wall insulation.

How does insulation extraction work?

The insulation extraction process is similar to the installation process but in reverse. Holes are drilled into your walls at intervals, and the insulation material inside is sucked out using specialised equipment. This is a more involved project than filling the wall, and may require bricks to be removed from the base of the walls to create pockets for effective extraction of material. Extraction may take a couple of days depending on the size of the property. Once extracted, your walls are ready to be filled with our modern insulation beads, which are guaranteed for 25 years.

How can my home benefit from insulation extraction?

Defeat dampness and mould.

Eliminate damp, mould and condensation caused by failing insulation from your home.

Prepare for better insulation.

A better insulated home makes for more efficient heating usage, which means up to 30% off your energy bills and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Become eligible for funding.

Some government funding schemes are only open to homeowners without existing insulation. Extracting old insulation that doesn’t meet the recommended standards will allow you to apply for funding.

Frequently asked questions

You could be entitled to a government grant

Your home could be eligible for free insulation through the government-backed ECO4 initiative or the Great British Insulation Scheme. Contact us to learn more.

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Not all insulation is created equal. We can remove old or ineffective cavity wall insulation from your property.
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