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35% of your home’s heat is lost through its walls. Homes with cavity walls can be insulated to retain heat and save on energy bills.
A quarter of your home’s heat can be lost through its roof. Insulating your loft or roof space with heat-trapping material can cut back on heat loss.
For solid-walled homes without cavity walls, keep heat in your home with an insulated layer added to the interior faces of your outside-facing walls.
Add an insulated layer on top of your outside walls to keep out the cold and transform the look of your property.
If you’ve converted your loft into a liveable space, insulating boards between the rafters can prevent heat loss.
Can you have a cosy home *and* fresh air from outside? Yes! Ventilation can boost your indoor air quality and eliminate dampness and mould.
Not all insulation is created equal. We can remove old or ineffective cavity wall insulation from your property.
Discover the power of green energy with solar panels, heat pumps and more from our team at Cotswold Energy Group.

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