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We help homes and businesses across the UK enjoy cosy, money-saving properties through our range of insulating home improvements.

We’re a Trustmark-approved supplier helping to meet government targets for energy efficient UK homes.

Why insulate your home?

Lower bills & boost property value

Improved insulation enhances heating efficiency, reducing energy bills by up to 30% and increasing property value by as much as 3%.

Increase comfort & air quality

Proper insulation and ventilation eliminate cold spots and dampness, improving air quality and providing comfort and warmth in your home.

Cut your carbon footprint

A well-insulated home reduces heating needs, saving energy and tonnes of carbon emissions throughout the lifespan of your insulation.

Our services

Make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient

From insulation and ventilation to eco-friendly solutions like solar panels and heat pumps, our energy-efficiency services will provide you with a warm, comfortable home that will help you save money, energy and the planet.
35% of your home’s heat is lost through its walls. Homes with cavity walls can be insulated to retain heat and save on energy bills.
A quarter of your home’s heat can be lost through its roof. Insulating your loft or roof space with heat-trapping material can cut back on heat loss.
For solid-walled homes without cavity walls, keep heat in your home with an insulated layer added to the interior faces of your outside-facing walls.

Your journey with SCIS

About us

A fully accredited energy efficiency provider and insulation installer driving tangible energy savings and carbon reduction.

Since our humble beginnings in 2010 as a small insulation installer on the South Coast, SCIS has truly transformed. We expanded our services to include renewable energy installations and our reach nationwide. Our vision now extends to constructing affordable, energy-efficient homes and inspiring larger development firms to enhance their energy efficiency standards.
1 years
10000 +
lives enhanced
1000000 +
tones carbon saved
100000 +

The largest eco installer

Partners with industry-leading energy suppliers, including four of the Big Six

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