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Cavity Wall Insulation

What is the best wall insulation in the UK?

South Coast Insulation Services is an industry leader in providing a high performance, injected blown bead insulation system. With outstanding cavity wall insulating properties, it is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Providing 100% cavity fill with no cold spots, no waste and easy to install. With outstanding durability, water resistant and rot proof our bead product is the number one choice for insulation.

Thermabead Cavity Wall Insulation Specialists

Unlike other products, Thermabead needs fewer and smaller drill holes. The bead is designed to flow into all the spaces in the wall, making sure there are no gaps missed and, therefore, no cold patches in your home. From ground floor to high rise, we’re your guys!

The Thermascopic Bead Lance System


  • No need to use scaffolding or other access equipment
  • Whole house solution
  • Allows for a complete cavity fill by drilling only the end of the wall
  • Minimal disruption to property and occupants
  • Suitable for use in almost all property types
  • The only BBA approved system in the country
  • 25 year guarantee

Thermabead Carbon Saver Insulation


  • 20% more efficient than rock and glass
  • 30% fewer drill holes when compared to the standard solution
  • Reduces heat loss by around 70%
  • Up to 30% reduction on fuel bills
  • No settlement and no wastage
  • Consistent density with constant thermal protection
  • BBA approved and the backing on a 25 year insurance guarantee

SCIS Forecasted Carbon Reduction in 2022

tons of carbon saved.
That's equivalent to
new trees planted.
football pitches of new rainforest or woodland.
And also equal to
km of air travel around the world 2,003 times!

What our clients say...

I wanted to show my appreciation for the work that your team carried out at my property last year. Although I was unsure whether I should contact you, your very knowledgeable team filled me with confidence so I decided to proceed. The cavity wall extraction that I had done has completely sorted out the damp I found inside my living room. Thanks to you and your team. I will surely be recommending SCIS to anyone who asks.


Thank you for all the team at SCIS for the extremely professional service that you have delivered in our properties for our tenants. I was particular impressed with the detail and knowledge throughout the process. The guidance during initial consultation and survey through to the quality of after care following installation was exceptional. Thanks again.