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Cavity Extraction

Having problems with old cavity wall insulation?
SCIS can help.

Some early types of cavity wall insulation can lead to problems either because they have reached the end of their usefulness or because they were incorrectly installed. Either way, we can help.

Most houses built in the UK since 1930 have been built with a cavity wall; a wall formed from two thicknesses of masonry with an air space between them, which are held together with wall ties. The air space ensures that any water which may enter the cavity simply drains down to the footings below the damp proof course, without crossing to the inner wall.

Cavity Extraction removes the blockages and obstructions found in some cavities that create cold spots and damp problems.

Cavity Extraction Specialists


Keeping a home built with cavity walls free from damp depends on the air space remaining almost entirely free from blockages. Obstructions between the two walls can form a bridge and allow moisture to penetrate through to the interior of the house. This moisture penetration can lead to damp and mould problems, if left untreated.

Obstructions can occur for many reasons, including:

  • The cavity not being cleared correctly when the house was constructed
  • Having building work carried out on the house, such as replacing windows or fitting a conservatory
  • During general improvement and repairs on the house, such as fitting a balanced flue boiler system or a vent

The Benefits of Cavity Extraction


  • Whole house solution, or partial cavity cleaning available
  • Resolves existing damp transference issues
  • Suitable for use on almost all cavity constructed properties
  • Ensures walls are clear of debris, ready to be insulated if required
  • No maintenance necessary
  • The process employs traditional building industry working practices and equipment, combined with specifically designed technology

SCIS Forecasted Carbon Reduction in 2021

tons of carbon saved.
That's equivalent to
new trees planted.
football pitches of new rainforest or woodland.
And also equal to
Km of air travel around the world 2,003 times!

What our clients say...

I wanted to show my appreciation for the work that your team carried out at my property last year. Although I was unsure whether I should contact you, your very knowledgeable team filled me with confidence so I decided to proceed. The cavity wall extraction that I had done has completely sorted out the damp I found inside my living room. Thanks to you and your team. I will surely be recommending SCIS to anyone who asks.


Thank you for all the team at SCIS for the extremely professional service that you have delivered in our properties for our tenants. I was particular impressed with the detail and knowledge throughout the process. The guidance during initial consultation and survey through to the quality of after care following installation was exceptional. Thanks again.